(Finger) Coil Out Results

As promised, I am back with pics of the results of my (Finger) Coil Out. I did not use an product, just used my fingers to pull the coils apart, and threw on a headband.

I am pleased with the results, so I’ll be adding this style to my repertoire! I actually find that the curl definition I got with this coil out is similar to two strand twist out curls. If you do smaller twists as I tend to do.

I only wore this coil out for a day, since I had to cowash (itchy scalp), but I am sure this style can last 2-3 days, perhaps more depending on how you care for it.

Although my hair type is 4a, I am sure 4b’s and 3’s can try this style too, since it requires you to use a curl defining product (gel, hair puddings, etc)

Anyway, just wanted to share, hope you guys like it, and try it for yourself! Comment and Subscribe!

Until Next Time, Naomi ~


Natural Hair In The Work Place

I’ve come to realize that this is subject that is always being debated among naturals,relaxed, and texlaxed sistas alike. After becoming natural, I realized how taboo it is for naturals to rock a fro in the office. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with someone who is natural to color or straighten their hair (every once in a while), but I find that many naturals are uncomfortable wearing their hair as is to an interview or to the office and I understand completely.

I went to an interview not too long ago, and all the staff (from what I could tell), were Caucasian, which did not bother me. My hair gotten a little wild during the day, but I wore my hair in a braid out, with a headband. It still looked neat for the most part. I was interviewed by two people, and from the impressions I received from both, I assumed I had a good chance of getting the position, but for some reason, I feel like how I wore my hair had a lot to do with why I did not get hired. Of course there is no way of knowing this for sure, but that is my take on it, because was more than qualified for the position.

I for one, find it really hurtful, that those from other races, including some naturals/relaxed people feel that natural African American hair is inappropriate in the work place. Of course I know there are people out there who could care less how I chose to grow or wear my hair, and I am most thankful for those people! However, there are those who are not so forgiving. I believe it is that way because African American’s have been relaxing our hair for so long, to cater to what society feels is acceptable (of course now it really can be just a preference) it is like people forgot what it looks like naturally. I find that the only way it is, is if  your hair is type 3 and above, and because of this, it has caused a lot of inner hate in the African Comunnity. In my opinion this is where the “Curly/Straight hair is good hair” mentality came from.

Of course I cannot speak for everyone, and I know not all feel this way, and chose to relax just because it is a preference. I think that is perfectly fine, but I do not like that some feel it is the only way, or that African American hair cannot grow if it is not relaxed, among many other silly stereotypes that are out there.

What has also come to my attention is that those with locked/dredlocked hair are not accepted or discriminated against as well, on my home forum, we were discussing an article about a teen in Floria was banned from attending his homecoming because of his locks. They said it went against school policy, however, this so called policy was not actually written, so in other words, it did not exist, although it is commonly enforced. In the article the teen stated “I thought it was acceptable, but from what the principal told me homecoming is of a higher standard and dreads are just not acceptable.”

I feel like we were all made and look different for a reason, and by society only accepting straight hair, it makes it so that we all look the same. We were created differently for a reason, but we should all be treated equally. Is that not what we fought so hard for, yet, we are still being discriminated against. My question is, will it ever stop?

Since that is a question that cannot be answered, I feel that at the end of the day, we have to live with the people we chose to be, and the decisions we make at the end of the day, and I say do what makes you happy, or comfortable, you can’t live your life for others. Anyway, that is just my opinion on the matter. You guys are more than welcome to tell me your take on the situation, good or bad. I just feel like it is something I needed to bring to light.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

I Believe It Is……Shedding!

I know I promised you all an update about whether I have breakage or not, and I finally got around to it yesterday, I cowashed, which I am most thankful for, because my hair was super stiff with gel, I’m heavy handed with products lol. I was running out of both my HE Hydralicious Self Targeting Conditioner, as well as my VO5 Free Me Freesia, so I decided to mix them to cowash. Which made my hair feel super soft, but I cowashed again just to make sure my hair was free of product.

Detangling was pretty easy, but hair came out, but it look to be the usual amount. I managed to catch most of it.

The strands did not have a white bulb, which usually is the tell tale sign of shedding, because that means it came directly from the root, however, it seemed to be the length of my hair, so I do not believe it is breakage, I guess we’ll see as time goes on.

I was in a rush, so I did not have time to do my overnight low manipulation styling as usual, so I opted for a Wash N’ Go. I did not dry my hair, I oiled my scalp with my usual oil mixture (JBCO, ABUHO) in my applicator bottle, and then used what was left of the same conditioners I use to cowash with as my leave in. I was prepared to use gel, but I was satisfied with the curl definition I got from using the conditioners alone. Her is how it came out…

My hair was still damp with product, but it essentially looked the same when it dried fully. We’ll that is the update!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Dry Rod Set on Semi Straigth Natural Hair

You guys must realize by now, that I love, love, love, rod sets! It is my favorite staple. Anyway, as most of you guys know who have been follow, I straightened my hair a few weeks back. I believe I left it that way for a week and a half or two weeks. Within that time I of course did a rod set, but since my hair was still semi straight, and I say semi, because my roots were starting to revert, but none the less, I installed my trusty gray rods, and left them overnight with a satin bonnet. I adore this style because of the poofy texture, my hair has lots of volume! I made sure to take pictures for you guys!

Hope you guys like it! As you can see rod sets can look get on natural, or straightened hair, and I love to wear it on both.

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Hair- Back To School Edition

As you all know, school is back, some of you may have started school already, or starting this week, but that means busy schedules!

If you already have a regimen that works for you, great, if not, it is great time to form one, since you will have limited time to spend pampering your hair. So here are my suggestions for styling and a simplified regimen for you busy ladies & gents.

Shingling- Takes more time than wash n go’s , but is similar in that it does give you defined curls. This method you can use a diffuser or a dryer to dry the curls to have it set.

Rod/Roller Sets- My favorite, depending on the size you can get tighter or looser curls, and can last for a week.

Two Strand Twists- A great style because it is two in one, it takes some time to install depending your hair density and length, but it is worth it, because this style can lasts for weeks with proper upkeep. The second style from these twist, is the twist out! Which can also last a week,with the proper care, or retwisting at night

Flat Twists- Like two strands, can lasts weeks if cared for properly. You can also do the twist out style.

Bantu Knot/Twist/Braid Outs- Are styles that can be installed overnight, and can last up to a week, and can be worn in different ways. Bantu Knots gives you curls, twists gives more of a wavy curl, and braid/plaits give you more of a crimped look.

There are also quick styling options like

Puffs- Forever simple, all it takes is a headband, and maybe a leave in for shine and moisture, and you are set for the day.

Wash n Go’s- Are a life saver if you are looking for defined curls, but are in a rush, because this style can be worn damp and dries during the day. To achieve this style you can use Kinky Curly Curling Custard, or use a cheaper alternative, Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel, which is what I use. It does not flake, but I recommend using an oil or conditioner on the hair before applying.

Ponytails & Buns… which goes under the category of protective styling, as your ends are not brushing up against anything and are protected.

 There are other protective styling options such as Individual/Box Braids, Kinky/Spring/Senegalese Twists, and Cornrows. With these I would pay careful attention to how it is installed, if not done by yourself, as if it is two tight, it can cause more damage than good. However, it is a good option because it eliminates most of things done in a weekly regimen, like cowashing every other day, etc.

As for a regimen, I say get it Simple

Wash Weekly or at least Every 2 weeks-as product can build up on the scalp, clarify once a month to get rid of product that is left over in deposits

Cowash according to your styling Schedule- For instance, if you do a style and it lasts 3 days, cowash on the last day, or on the day you intend on restyling.

 Deep Condition weekly- If you are short on time, investing in a hooded dryer may be a better option, as the time is cut in half because the heat is helping the conditioner penetrate the scalp faster so instead of an hour without heat, you can do an half hour with heat. You can always heat up the conditioner, or just put on plastic bag/shower cap, and leave it in for an hour or two if you are not pressed for time.

Anyway, I hope those tips help you curly/kinky ladies and gents out there!

Until Next Time, Naomi ~

Homemade Coconut Leave In Conditioner & Bantu Knot Out

 A couple of days ago ago was my cowash day, before cowashing or shampooing, I always do a cayenne pepper treatment (for growth), and then I cowash. I detangle while cowashing, it is the only time I detangle, as I cannot do so on dry hair, as I’ll end up ripping my hair out! I oiled my scalp using my favorite oil mixture of Lavender JBCO and Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (ABUHO) (usually it would also contain Home Health Castor Oil, which is regular Castor Oil, but I was out of it at the time) then it was time to decide what low manipulation style I wanted to do. Since I had not done Bantu Knots in a long time, I decided that that was what I was going to do.

 I discovered Bantu Knots( also called Chiney Bumps) back when I was still relaxed. It gave me the curly/wavy look without having to use rollers, or a hot curler. The reason the hair curls, is because of the method of which the knots are created.

You take a ‘strand’ of hair, and you twist it (not two strands), but all together twirl it around, I use my finger to twirl, it’s easier that way, at least in my opinion. and then you wrap the hair around itself to form a little knot.

 Like this

Now that part was tricky when I was still learning, what really helped me, is of course is practice, but also watching tutorials on youtube. The one video that truly helped ME was a tutorial (how to bantu knot) by crownofHisglory. Her video’s are great, and are really helpful!

After oiling my scalp, I used my Homemade Coconut Leave in to moisturize, and Shea Butter to seal.

The problem I encountered, the next morning, was realizing that my hair had not fully dried. I believe I kept them in overnight for about 8 hours or so. It could have been the size of the knots that caused them to dry slower than expected, but I prefer them that way, because my hair tangles when they are small, and that can form single strand knots, which I do not need!

It also could be that the combination of using my coconut leave in, and shea butter, made my hair too heavy. I sprayed the leave in, and then sealed with the shea butter. My hair was very oily when I took my knots out.

Here’s how they looked when I unraveled them

Then with my fingers I separated the knots, again because they were not fully dry, my hair did not curl/wave like I wanted it to.

So I added a headband!

Next time, I will not use Shea butter on top of my Homemade Coconut Leave in, because that already contains oils, which could be the reason as to why my hair did not dry fully, as well as it being a bit oily to the touch.

This style is an easy low manipulation style, that generally lasts me 2-3 days. It could last longer if I slept better! Definitely one of my go-to styles.

I’m into my second day of the style, and will wear it for a third time, before wash day this Sunday.

I’m still in love with my leave in, it just can’t be combined with any other products, or spray too much, as it contains oil, which is why I call it a moisturizer & sealer in a bottle!

This is not my best Bantu Knot Out, but I hope this still encourages you guys to try this style for yourself. (It also looks great on relaxed hair! Not just for the natural ladies!)

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Pixie/Box Braids on Natural Hair (No Extensions!)

For a while now, I have been wanting to do pixie/box braids using my own hair, and the inspiration came from watching vids on youtube, and this past Sunday, I got the courage to try doing them.

I went about my Sunday schedule as usual, I tried prepooing with Vegetable Shortening (Crisco), which turned out to be a total disaster! I could not get water hot enough and it solidified in my hair. I eventually got most of it out, I then did a cayenne treatment for three hours without heat, with a plastic cap. I clarified after with VO5 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Kiwi Lime, conditioned with VO5 Herbal Escapes Free Me Freesia.

(Comparing VO5 Free Me Freesia to Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut, out of the two, I think I liked the Suave better. They both did fairly well at detangling my hair with the help of my wide tooth comb, and came out soft after rinsing, but Suave gave my hair a little poof/body, where VO5 FMF left my hair flat, still both very good conditoners, and cheap, VO5 Shampoo’s and Conditioners can range between .79- 1.49 USD depending where you purchase, I have not seen Suave that cheap, but it can range between 1.00 to 3.50 USD, depending on what ‘flavor’ you get) (There are different lines on the Suave Brand which is why prices vary)

I deep conditioned with Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol for an hour, with a plastic cap, without heat. (My hair does not always come out soft after using this dc, so I’m not sure if I will repurchase, perhaps it could be better if I added oil to it, we’ll see)

After dcing, I rinsed, and I oiled my scalp with a mixture (in an applicator bottle) of Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (ABUHO), and Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil (L)(JBCO).

 To make use of the Softee Mango Butter that has been collecting dust on my shelf (due to petroleum being it’s first ingredient) On the directions, it states that it can also be used as a heat protectant, so that is exactly what I used it for. I blow dried my hair, and then got to braiding. While blow drying, I used a comb, and made sure that my ends were dried completely, and detangled, I was able to check this by seeing if I could comb through my hair without it snagging.

Since my scalp was already oiled up, and I had a VO5 HE FMF, and Softee Mango Butter on my hair (not on scalp), I did not need any added moisture.

All I used was a comb to part. I would say it took 7-8 hours over the course of two days, of course while doing other things here and there, I could never stand/sit still for that long. I started with the front, so that just in case I did not like how it turned out, I would not be forced into completing the style. I completed last night.

I put my pixie braids into six plaits, and put on a satin scarf and just undid the braids the following morning.

Here are the Results

 Until Next Time, Naomi ~

Rod Set on Dry Flat Ironed NATURAL Hair

As you all know, I flat ironed my hair not too long ago for dusting purposes, I decided that I will leave my hair that way for the rest of the week. Thing is, I haven’t really styled it, just thrown it into a pony/bun, and called it a day. 

Last night I decided to do a rod set, since I wanted to change it up a bit. Only this time, I did it on dry hair without any product. I used gray cold wave rods, to my knowledge there are three brands. Salon Care, which I believe is a Sally Beauty brand, and Diane & Annie brands, which are sold in beauty Supply Stores. I believe the gray colored ones are 3/8ths of an inch in size.I use this size rod for medium curls (I have SL hair). 
I also have the blue rods which are 1/4th an inch , which are for tiny curls. The largest size I have used is the pink/orchid 9/16th an inch which are for bigger curls. Pretty much, the larger the roller the less tight the curl, but more volume, and the opposite for smaller rods.
These rods are great because the are easy to use, because they have a cap like thing at the end of the rod to close it, so there is no need for metal clips or bobby pins. They come in a pack of 12, and the price varies where you go, but they are usually less than 1 dollar (USD). I also believe the larger the roller the more it costs. I believe the biggest size still is less than 2 dollars, so it think they are still relatively cheap.
I put my hair in rods last night, in the same fashion as usual, left them overnight, slept with a satin scarf, and took the rods out. I picked the curls out a tiny bit, and that was the extent of my styling.
Glad I took the pics before heading out today, as natural flat ironed hair does not like moisture, well more like it does, because my hair fluffed right on up. At least I know it can revert! Anyway, it is a good style whether you have straight or natural hair, I plan to do plaits tonight, so I will be posting about that soon too!

Until Next Time, HHG to All! Naomi ❤

First Pony!

I have been natural for close to 7 months now, and have never been able to catch it all in  pony tail.
Yesterday, I was in a rush to get ready, and had not done anything with my hair the night before but slap some LJBCO on my scalp. So I rinsed my hair in the shower yesterday morning, and made a side part, and put some Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel, throughout my hair, and brushed to slick it down and put it in a little pony, with the ends tucked! I am so pleased! 
The gel shows off my natural pattern!  It did dry hard, but that could be because I did not add any moisture to my hair before applying, but I like it because it lets me be able to wear it again without having to apply any gel or other products. All I did was put on a satin bonnet last night, and it looks the same as it did yesterday, will be rocking the pony again today!
I finally found a simple PROTECTIVE style. Before, the only protective styling I could do was wear individual/box braids (which I do myself) with extensions, and Kinky twists.
I Just wanted to share my good news with you all!

Until Next Time, HHG to All! Naomi ❤


I usually try to post at least once a week, but I haven’t been doing that lately and I apologize! Life has been kind of hectic for me for the past couple of weeks, and I have not been able to give my hair the baby treatment as I usually do! Lol, but in the past weeks I have flat ironed, which lasted for about a week and a half, and then I did two strand twists again last Sunday. I might take them out tomorrow, even though I’m sure they could probably last for the whole week, we’ll see. Anyway, I don’t have my camera, so I won’t be able to post any pics! Which I know sucks majorly, but I will be purchasing a new camera soon, so all my pics will be nice and crisp.

I am going to start posting tutorials, in which I do my styling so any of you naturals, or transitioners, or even relaxed ladies (depending on the style), can see the steps in which I do particular styles, and do them for yourselves, or just use it an idea to form your own styles.

I will also try to keep updates on how my growth is going with the use of my cayenne pepper treatments. 

Thanks for the support, and keep following, or start if you are not already! Please post any comments, ideas, or questions!

Until Next Time, HHG to All! Naomi ❤

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