(Yarn) Braid Regimen

Hey all!

I am loving my braids so far! I have been experimenting with styles here and there, which I have yet to take a photo of! I will make sure to do next time.

Lately my favorite style so far is a high bun.

Anyway, my regimen so far…..

-Moisturize 4x a week (Using diluted VO5 Moisturizing Milks Passion Fruit Smoothie Conditioner with Home Health Castor Oil)

– Wash 2x a month (Have yet to decide on shampoo)

– Deep Condition 2x a month (Have yet to decide on dc)

-Oil scalp 1x a week (Using a mixture of Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and Home Health Castor Oil)

I have yet to wash or deep condition my braids, which is why I have not set products for them. I have never deep conditioned my hair while it is in braids, so I am nervous about doing so. I may baggy with oils overnight, in place of deep conditioning.

Either way, I want to ensure my hair gets moisture while in braids, as I want it to grow! However, I do not want to get product build up, which is why I do not oil my scalp too often, and am weary of deep conditioning.

I will be washing my braids and I also want to do a moisturizing treatment next weekend, so I have some time to think about whether I will be deep conditioning or baggying. I plan on keeping my braids for 7 more weeks, and I will be rebraiding my edges in time for Christmas, so they will look fresh for the holiday!


Yarn Braids-Results

Hey guys!

After a grueling 20 hours (I’m a slow braider) I am finished! (Of course with breaks here and there.)

To my surprise, I only used about half or a 3/4 of one spool of yarn! There is still a good chunk left over, and I actually did the braids smaller than I originally intended.

My parts are not the best, but I would say I did pretty well for a first timer!

 I will admit, I did encounter some knots, my fault though, I did not moisturize properly, and started yanking the yarn out to redo some braids. I did not have to cut much knots out, maybe 3-4 strands, but I am hoping that the length grows back by the time I take them out.  After moisturizing, and combing through each strand properly, I did not encounter any more knots. Thank goodness!

I am not exactly sure how I will upkeep them. I plan on washing at least bi-weekly, and maybe baggy (baggying is when you apply an oil or moisturizer, and use a plastic cap, shower cap, or plastic bag over your entire head, or ponytail, for a couple of hours or overnight to lock moisture into your hair) in place of deep conditioning. I have not quite figured it out yet. I plan on keeping these in for at least a month, so I will have to develop some kind of regimen. I will keep you guys posted on that one.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my results with you all!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

Yarn Braid Prep

I know it has a bit since my last post, but I have been prepping my hair for Yarn Braids (similar to Individual/Box Braids, the only difference is instead of hair, yarn is used). So I have been getting my final Cayenne Pepper Treatments while my scalp is free.

This will be my first time wearing/installing them.

Today I have both a hard protein treatment, and moisturizing deep conditioner. (you should always follow hard protein treatments by a moisturizing deep conditioner, as you want the hair to have balance, and not tangle or break)

Now on to the yarn…

My Tools:

A Chair- To wrap yarn around base, to make sure yarn is cut evenly
Hair Shears- To cut yarn
Shea Butter- In case hair feels dry
Lighter- To burn ends of yarn to secure
Comb- To make parts

Those are all you need really. At least it is enough for me.

I purchased two spools of yarn from Wal-Mart. Red Heart brand for $2.33 and  the lighter from my local supermarket for $1.49 USD. So overall, this style costs less than $6.00 bucks (without tax).

I have already moisturized and sealed my hair, I braided my hair into six plaits, to stretch my hair since I had to go out. It was not dry by the time I got home, so I blow dried my hair by each plait/section.

My hair blow dried.

I wrapped the yarn along the legs of my chair, to make sure to cut evenly, I say they are about 16 inch ‘strands’.

Here’s how it looks wrapped

Here’s how it looks cut

I am starting to braid tonight, we’ll see how long it takes to finish. Wish me luck!

Until Next Time, Naomi~

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